Time Travel Tuesdays: Soi 38 Eats

Bangkok Soi 38 Montage

Today Time Travel Tuesdays brings me back to a trip to Thailand in April of 2014 and the amazing street food Bangkok has to offer! On our final night in Thailand we had a 6 hour lay over between flights and had to get from DMK Airport to BKK Airport for our flight back to the US. We thought what better way to spend our last hours in Thailand getting more of the great eats Thailand had to offer – the highlight of our trip!

While we had eaten great street food earlier in our trip, we had heard that Bankok’s Sukhumvit Soi 38 was the place to go. So we trekked it into downtown Bangkok (with all our luggage) to Soi 38 for our “Last Supper”. The humidity was thick even at 10:30 at night, but the adventure was worth it!


Bangkok Soi 38 Market

We started in an open air market building with a couple dishes. The market had multiple vendors and you could order from any of them and be served at your table. It was a chaotic scene of people at 10:30 at night bustling around to order from different stalls. We finally found a spot to tuck all our luggage and got right down to business – eating.
Duck dumplings with duck breast, noodles and  mushrooms


soi 38 5

We really were not sure what we were ordering but we looked around and started points. First we chicken and greens in an egg broth. Limited on flavor but hearty.  We saw ducks hanging in the front of the market, so we got the duck noodles with mushrooms and duck dumplings in a duck broth – it was amazing!

We moved it back on to the street (luggage in tow) and got some khao soi – a favorite from our time in Chaing Mai. While it was not as good as the curry from up north, it was still a good eat! The stands lining the street offered a lot of noodles and curries and we stuck to just pointing to make our choices.

Bangkok Soi 38

soi 38 10

soi 38 8

We finished off our tour on the street with some pork noodles with shrimp dumplings. This tour down Sukhumvit Soi 38 was the perfect way to end the trip and will for always be my favorite eating memory from my trip to Thailand! Oh, and did I mention not one of these dishes cost more than $1? Yeah, its a great deal too!


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