Wine & Dine Wednesdays: Narcissa

Catching up with friends is always best done over good food and drinks!  This past week I went out with an old co-worker, friend and classmate. We both love food and dining out so when we tried to find a place we both wanted to go to and both had not been too, it took a few tries. We eventually landed on Narcissa in the East Village and we had an amazing meal!

Narcissa Cocktail Menu

Some friends had given us a “few” recommendations, so we were well guided in our dining by Narcissa veterans. We started the meal  off with “Fly Me to Tulum” was delicious – blood orange and tequila – yumm!

Narcissa Barley

Barley Risotto was rich and flavorful! The fresh herbs cut the buttery flavors and the crispy toppings added texture to the creamy dish!

One of the most beautiful dishes I have seen both in appearance and flavor. The rotisserie beets had a smokey flavor and were so tender. The horseradish offered an acidic balance of flavors that were complimented by the toasted bulgur and greens. My favorite dish of the night!

Narcissa Caulifloer

For a side we got what I called “kung pao cauliflower”  but is actually what Narcissa calls “Manchurian Cauliflower”. The fried outside with sweet and sour sauce was flavorful but a little mushier than desired.

Carrots Wellington

Carrots Wellington 2

The winner of beauty in the entrees was the Carrots Wellington! This dish speaks for itself in presentation and flavors. The sautéed bluest mushrooms around the based of the pastry and the sun choke puree added the necessary flavor to the carrots.

Duck breast

The duck breast with melted leeks and parsley root was sweet and well cooked. We were so full by the time we got to this dish that we could barely eat but we made room for a few bites!

Gingerbread Cake


So despite having no room left we still, of course, ordered dessert. The warm gingerbread cake with rosemary kumquats and egg nog ice cream was the perfect end to the meal. Even though we are all dreaming of spring (although the weather isn’t cooperating), the wintery dessert was very welcome.

Overall, Narcissa was beautiful dining room with beautiful food and creative dishes. The starters and desserts were the stars of the meal but overall a great experience!

Narcissa Restaurant 

25 Cooper Square

New York, NY, 10003

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