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Hello! Thanks for visiting PinkChef.com. PinkChef  is a collection of my adventures dining, baking and cooking. If I’m not eating, talking about food or thinking about my next meal, then I could only be sleeping. So, basically it is me living my life.

Just a girl with a passion for food and always in search for the best eats wherever I am. Based in NYC but from DC, my dining adventures are based in these two cities. But like any girl on the go, my passion for adventure brings me to lots of good spots around the world. So, wherever you are based, you may find something good for you.

I also enjoy dabbling in the kitchen, which often involves baking at 1 in the morning (Got to bake when creativity strikes)! So, if you want to test your own hand in the kitchen, there will be lots of good eats and sweets for you to experiment with here.

Whether you need a recipe for an upcoming dinner party, a treat for a lazy Sunday, or a dining spot with friends, I hope my site can provide you with a little inspiration! And if you like what you find, share it with your friends.

Bon Appetit!


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